Wireless Operator premiered at the Edinbourgh Festival 2019 to excellent reviews and is now being developed into a longer touring version for 2020 and a feature film. Please visit  https://wirelessoperator.co.uk/reviews/ for full reviews . 

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‘Deserves to be praised to the skies’

Daily Telegraph

‘Compelling..... intense drama’







'A killer play…absolute must see – a bit of a masterpiece actually'








'A powerfully poignant tribute…beautifully crafted…excellent'

British Theatre Guide









British Theatre Guide








 'A remarkable piece of work that will captivate anyone'

Theatre Weekly








 'Tense, claustrophobic…powerfully poignant'

Three Weeks







'The sadness and the poignancy are shattering, and the

vocal shrapnel pierces you with countless' questions'

The Spy In The Stalls

'Utterly compelling'

David Edgar  - playwright 



Henry Porter - journalist & author

'Powerful and poinant'

The Sunday Times


Dominic Cavendish - (The Telegraph)


 Links to Wireless Operator promos