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Bob Baldwin


From design and fine art roots including film and commercials to writing producing and directing award-winning drama comedy and documentaries for BBC, ITV, CNN, Discovery and PBS. 


Proud moments include an E.M.M.Y. nod for 'Creative Daring and Innovation' for Horse Opera Ch 4, Tales Of Uplift and Moral Improvement BBC, History Of The Future for CNN, Little Big Planet 3 for Sony. Grim Tales with Rik Mayall, Silent Night with Stephen Berkoff.



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Director, Tales Of Uplift. BBC

Simon in The Liar. Tales of Uplift and Moral Improvement BBC. The deranged facist sexist racist bully and often violent Mrs Fine Carmody (Rik Mayall) narrates twisted period tales that would have Enid Blyton spinning in her grave. A lost classic.

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